sábado, 11 de julio de 2015

Euphoric revenge

Music at the edge of circulation

David Novak
Duke University Press. 2013. 292 pp

noise is the opposite of music, as the antithesis of beautiful things admissible as art; this noise pertains to aesthetics and affective modes of cultural expression
noise is the opposite of classification, in its violations of categorical objectivity; thisn oise stands at the margins of musical history and typologies of style and form
noise is the opposite of communication, against meaningful transmissions of information; this noise embeds discourse in a binary siganl-to-noise relationship
noise is the opposite of the natural world, and its silence; this noise emerges from the urban industrialized environment and in technological conditions of social production, regulation, and control
noise is the opposite of public consensus and corporate and state-ordered collectivity; this noise relates to the mediation of subjectivity by overlapping projects of globalization, cultural nationalism, local infrastructure, andu subcultural identity

El Noise lo llenó todo. El Noise lo alcanzó todo.

El Noise lo predijo todo. El Noise lo habló todo.

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